Tubettificio Favia: Production of Aluminium Tubes since 1934

Our company produces collapsible aluminium tubes, a recyclable and ecological material. We strictly focus on this ductile and versatile kind of packaging, and we have remained committed to this specialization over the years.

Our tubes are used by big companies operating in a broad range of fields –pharma, cosmetics, food and arts.

We put the customer at the center of our activity, providing a wide range of tailored and customized solutions which do not limit creativity, offering a product that can satisfy the most demanding customers’ expectations.

The company has over 90 employees with an annual turnover of more than €10 million.

In recent years, we have developed a range of innovative solutions in the industry of production of aluminium tubes:

Digital printing on the tube

This is a unique method to better customize the entire body of the aluminium tube. This is an efficient solution to enhance your brand with different interesting applications.


We have developed anti-fraud packaging solutions which enable to protect your products against counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food sectors. A way to protect the value of your products and your direct customers.

Soft nozzle

It is a tube with soft tip, which is comfortable to use, while ensuring that content is dispensed delicately and safely. Ideal for ophthalmic sector, but also suitable for other uses, it was awarded with the Italian Packaging Oscar 2015 for Innovation in Technology.

Tubettificio Favia – Our History

Tubettificio Favia has been on the Italian and international market for more than 80 years. Since its foundation in 1934, the company has continuously grown till the years preceding the Second World War, when it was forced to interrupt its production due to the destruction of the factory by air bombing.

But the rebirth was near. In the post-war period, the company moved from Milan to Cernusco sul Naviglio, where it still operates today. It left the production of tin and lead tubes and developed the new promising material: aluminium. Plants were conformed to new technological needs: the production of aluminium tubes will be a distinguishing feature of Tubettificio Favia for the coming decades. The company stands out for its exclusive specialization in this type of packaging, completely focusing its technological and productive efforts in this industry. Work quality and excellence of results allowed the company to become supplier of prestigious brands, especially in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.

In 2004, this growth led to further enlargement of the factory with the aim to conform the production of aluminium tubes to the new requirements of the pharmaceutical field. In the following years, implementation of Favia Online portal allowed to open an innovative channel to optimize the company processes and communications with customers, making Favia organization even faster and more efficient. Investments in technological research for design and manufacturing of innovative products allowed to create solutions that respond to the requirements of an increasingly demanding market: in 2015, the aluminium tube with soft nozzle was awarded with the Oscar for Innovation in Technology promoted by the Italian Institute of Packaging.

Today, Tubettificio Favia looks with trust to an enlargement on an European basis, without forgetting the company tradition it comes from and its roots. Always participating to the territory growth, it helps with different initiatives to the spread of the ecological culture of aluminium and its proper recycling.

The beginning of the adventure

The story of the company begins in the very difficult period of the years preceding the Second World War. Michele Favia was co-partner of a company which produced cosmetics in Bari and started to make his first steps as entrepreneur.
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Second World War

The Second World War broke out on 1st September, 1939 and in April 1940 Italy also entered the conflict. What influence did this dramatic period on the business activities of the company?
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The resumption of business activity

The war left a long and terrible trail of devastation. The company was destroyed by bombing and the year 1944 could have been remembered as the year in which the company had disappeared.
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The company had been rebuilt and business activity was in full swing. But life has always had to contend with history: 1968 was coming with a period of strikes and demonstrations.
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Tubettificio Favia in the Third Millenium

Thanks to numerous stages reached and passed on its long way, the company has assumed at the end of the nineties a solid and precise aspect.
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The Packaging Oscar for Innovation in Technology

In 2015, the aluminium tube with plastic nozzle and soft tip received the prestigious award by the Italian Institute of Packaging.
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ToBeUnique: it's Oscar again!

Another important goal for Favia: in 2016, receive another "Packaging Oscar" by the Italian Packaging Institute, this time for ToBeUnique.
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WPO Worldstar Awards 2017

Favia was awarded with two prestigious prizes during the Gala night organized by the World Packaging organization in Dusseldorf, during the fair Interpack.
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Philosophy – Tubettificio Favia is centered on these core values:

Years of activity

A great all-Italian story.


Italian pharmaceutical market

We are a leading company in the production of aluminium tubes for the Italian pharmaceutical industry.



More than 60% of our production is dedicated to foreign markets, especially Pharma and Cosmetics.



We exclusively produce aluminium tubes and we do not handle other types of packaging.

Milion aluminium tubes produced every year

Thanks to an establishment with 7 active production lines and an efficient work organization.



In the technological research, in the working methods, in the development of new products and implementation of packaging solutions in aluminium.

Favia factory

Built in 1984 on an area of 15,000 sqm, the factory was enlarged and renewed in 2004, covering a surface of more than 8,100 sqm now.

7 production lines are active and fully automated, working 5 days a week on three work shifts, with an production capacity of more than 110 million tubes/year.

There is the possibility to increase the production capacity by intensively using the existing facilities and/or installing new facilities in the already arranged areas.

Environmental sustaintability

Using aluminium in the manufacturing of tubes implies many advantages in terms of hygiene, versatility of use and ease of recycling.

It is also for this reason that we have always believed in the quality and versatility of this kind of industrial packaging. But our commitment to the environment is not limited to the choice of materials, it also reflects its protection and energy saving, as by the installation of a new abatement system of the solvents originated in the production cycle and of a photovoltaic panels plant with significant energy saving.

Our social responsibility is also based on a strong commitment to engage in an effective eco-sustainable growth that really preserves the resources of the environment in which we work and we live.

Aluminium: a perfect choice

Aluminium is 100% and infinitely recyclable, without any loss in its original properties. This is why it is one of the most ever ecological packaging. After years in which the term “packaging” was synonymous with “plastic”, there is now an inevitable rediscover of this material, together with a new environmental awareness.

Italy is the third country in the world for amount of recycled aluminium materials, preceded only by United States and Japan. About 90% of aluminium in Italy comes from recycling, and does not differ in any respect from that obtained from original mineral as essential features of the metal remain unchanged.

The only difference is the environmental impact. Recycling aluminium enables to save 95% of the energy required to produce it from raw material, as well as to protect the natural resources of our Planet. Cost savings are also relevant. Recycling aluminium allows to avoid its import from abroad and to feed an important production chain in the Italian industrial scenario.

For more information: website of Cial-Italian Consortium for Aluminium

A Deep Connection with Territory

Schermata 2015-09-24 alle 20.13.28Tubettificio Favia actively contributes to the cultural initiatives in Milan and Lombardy which are focused on ecology, re-use of materials and environmental protection and can give the public, especially the young people, the possibility to better know realities and values of local companies.

The video shows a concrete example, i.e. the role of the company as sponsor to the exhibition “L’Alluminio si mette in mostra” (Aluminium is on Exhibition) at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.

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