Renato Favia


Favia 80x101

He has been in the family Company since 1975. Daily present in the company, he is committed to give support to his Team of collaborators in managing all company areas, from technical/information problems to sales issues. Managing Director of the Company, Mr Favia has a deep knowledge of the production process, dynamics and market regulations the Company works in, and is always willing to be present and provide his competence where required. He is not a grandstander, but he exposes himself daily for his Company.


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Monica Gemini

Sales Manager

Monica takes care of customers, mostly from Pharma and Cosmetics, and handle relations with them. She likes to meet them frequently in order to better understand their needs and provides support; she coordinates all the necessary activities to dispose contracts and follow up the production chain from the acquisition of the order to final delivery.
She is always available for any advice, request of samples and quotes. Monica will be able to answer you directly in Italian, English and French.


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Federico Candiani

Sales Assistant

Federico has been dealing with the management of foreign customers, from order entry to definition of specifications, Contracts and Supply Specifications in cooperation with other company functions. He supports the customers in the definition of irradiation contracts with the company we work with for the service. Federico will answer you in English and Italian.


Maria Grandinetti

Italy Sales


Since 1980, she has been dealing with the daily management of order acquisition of the Italian market, in continuous collaboration with the Planning of Production to meet Customers’ logistic needs, in accordance with agreed delivery dates. And when something does not seem feasible, Maria is properly resourced to do miracles!


Marco Ghezzi

Purchasing Manager

marco ghezzi

Marco has been working in purchasing since 2003; an important experience, mostly in engineering, that led him to develop  organizational skills and to provide an efficient supplying schedule of raw materials, in order to ensure business continuity


Sonia Galbiati

Purchasing Assistant

Galbiati S80x101

She has been working at the Purchasing Department since 2001, especially dealing with suppliers of foreign materials or services, and establishing clear and cordial relationships with them despite the distance. Together with Silvana, she always makes sure we have everything we need! Sonia will also answer in English and German.


Giovanna Gazzola

Administration Manager


In the Company since 2011, Giovanna has been dealing with all administrative/accounting issues in order to ensure compliance with fiscal and legal obligations. She prepares the annual financial statement in accordance with accounting, civil and fiscal rules, and manages the relationships with credit institutions, customers and suppliers. Giovanna will also answer you in English.


M. Ilaria Fossati

Quality Manager


Since 2003, she has been supervising the activities of the Quality Control Laboratory in approving the finished products and input materials, according to Technical Specifications agreed with Customers and Suppliers. Graduated in Organic Chemistry, she can provide support for problems of stability with the product. As Responsible for the Quality Management System, she deals with Specifications and Quality Agreements, of Regulatory Affairs for pharmaceutical and food sectors. She manages the relationships with Certifying Body, FDA, customers and suppliers. She will answer you in English and French


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Antonino Ferrara

Pre-press Manager

Ferrara 80x101He has been working in the Company since 2003. He deals with the complex process of prepress, by managing relationships with customers for artworks optimization and approval, and by checking the printing machines for production through modern software. He can offer professional advice and expertise in order to optimize your project for offset and digital printing.


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Andrea Marzella

Pre-press Assistant

From 2016 Andrea has been dealing carefully with the check of artworks and plates and he has been monitoring the procedures and the processes of the pre-press stage. Furthermore, he develops and creates graphics for the digital print. Andrea will be able to offer support to customers and providers in Italian and English.


Giorgio Guzzi

Technical Officer

Guzzi80x101He has been the reference person for the Technical Department since 1981. The excellent knowledge of the product and the process enables him to carry out technical work to improve the line performance and solve production problems. He contributes to realization of new projects – whatever idea is in your mind, he can turn it into mechanical design…


Dario Galbiati

Mainteinance Manager

Galbiati D80x101

He has been working in the Company since 1989. He is in charge of Maintenance, he coordinates and controls maintenance works, repairs, improvements and remedial measures on plants and machinery, mechanically and electrically, to guarantee the continuity and regularity of the production units. He supervises and coordinates services of external engineers, when required.


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