Aluminium Tube with Soft Nozzle

Aluminium Tube with Soft Nozzle: comfort and safety.

The aluminium tube with soft tip or soft nozzle is a great instrument used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields. The addition of the soft plastic tip makes dispensing and application of the product very easy, even on the most sensitive parts of the body.

Traditional ophthalmic tubes with nozzle in rigid polyethylene, in contact with delicate parts such as the eye or a baby’s skin, can still cause irritation or even injuries. The soft nozzle definitely removes these risks.

The soft nozzle can be used in the ophthalmic sector for ointment application or in the cosmetics for the make-up on very sensitive areas of the eye. There are many different uses for pediatric purposes, where it is necessary to use devices that respect the delicate skin of babies.

The soft nozzle can also be used in veterinary medicine, making it easier for the end consumers to use medicinal products for topical use on animals.

The possibility to have a soft nozzle with a different color from the basic one can help to identify visually various classes of products.

Ophthalmic Use

Pediatric Use

Cosmetic Use

Veterinary Use

Awarded with the Packaging Oscar 2015 for Innovation in Technology

Safety and precision

Easy to Use

Soft Touch

Packaging Oscar 2015 for Innovation in Technology

WPO WorldStar Award 2017

The aluminium tube with soft nozzle has been very successful and secured Tubettificio Favia the winning of a prestigious award: the Packaging Oscar 2015, assigned by the Italian Institute of Packaging. Below are the reasons for assigning the Award for Innovation in Technology: “The safety in the product preservation and in application modes are the strengths of the tube, particularly evident if used for drugs as ophthalmic ointments. Particular care has been taken in the realization of small details of the packaging, resulting in an original innovation.” – The news and the award

Features of the tube with soft nozzle are:


Safe and delicate dispensing of content

High comfort and safety

Ideal for Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic sectors

Soft nozzle can be produced and customized in different colors

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