Aluminium Tubes – Versatile Packaging for Different Applications

The aluminium tube is the ideal packaging solution for various fields. Versatile, hygienic, safe and totally recyclable, it offers great flexibility of use.

Years of experience with the main market players make Favia the ideal supplier for the companies looking for aluminium packaging that can ensure quality and excellence. Favia aluminium tubes have been used in different fields. While the experience with the pharmaceutical sector remains predominant, Favia products have also proved to be the ideal packaging solutions for food companies, cosmetic companies, or firms operating in the Arts sector.

Aluminium Tubes - Pharmaceutical

Tubettificio Favia has gained years of experience in the supply of aluminium tubes for the Pharmaceutical field, the industrial sector that requires the highest standards of quality and excellence of the service. Over the years, it has built relationships of trust with important pharmaceutical companies relying on the aluminium tube as packaging for their products, by developing internal working processes that allow reliability and attention to details.

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Aluminium Tubes - Cosmetic

Cosmetic companies can rely on Favia as ideal partner for the supply of aluminium tubes. Besides high quality standards, Favia can offer unique customized services. Thanks to the innovative service of digital printing on aluminium tubes, it is possible to print graphics and complex images in a printing process which directly involves the cap.

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Aluminiun Tubes – Food

Collapsible aluminium tubes by Tubettificio Favia, digitally printed in the sizes from 15 to 40g, are solutions that are particularly suitable for specific applications in the food sector, e.g. sampling and promotion of new products, or as complement for catering service. The company can provide all quality certifications required by food industry and the flexibility for the supply of small batches.

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Aluminiun Tubes – Arts

Aluminium tube is the ideal packaging for tempera and oil paints. Whether it is for student’s products or professional lines for Arts, Favia aluminiun tubes are the ideal creative mates. Thanks to the innovative process of digital printing, each tube can be coated with wonderful colors and eye-catching graphics. Because an instrument at the service of Beauty is to be necessarily charming.

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Aluminiun Tubes – Anti-counterfeiting Packaging

Collapsible aluminium tubes by Tubettificio Favia can offer interesting possibilities in terms of anti-counterfeiting. Years of research and expertise allowed us to develop anti-fraud packaging solutions, from digital printing to tamper evident seals (tamper proof) that can be customized with colors and company logos.

The prepress department inside the company can provide the support required to identify the most efficient methods to protect your products and customers.

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Aluminium Tubes –Other Applications

The aluminiun tube is a versatile, comfortable and safe packaging. There is a wide range of applications, from do-it-yourself products to precision products for construction. Favia experts are willing to listen to your needs and share your goals. Thanks to a long experience in managing the production processes of the aluminium tubes, they will provide the suitable response to every need.

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