Aluminium Anti-counterfeiting Packaging







Aluminium Anti-counterfeiting Packaging

Protecting the value of the products means protecting your company business and your customers safety. Thanks to the anti-counterfeiting packaging solutions by Tubettificio Favia, it is possible to efficiently fight the frauds and guarantee the integrity of your brand.

Anti-counterfeiting Aluminium Tubes

There are different anti-fraud methods that can be applied to this type of packaging. Thanks to a long experience in the pharmaceutical sector, among the most affected by this phenomenon, Tubettificio Favia can support you in identifying and applying the most efficient anti-counterfeiting strategy. Here are two examples:

Tamper proof

A shrunk sleeve in Pvc is applied on the plastic ophthalmic nozzle.

This device, which tightly joints together the nozzle to the cap, only breaks the first time it is opened showing possible tampering.

Its application is 100% controlled during production using automated inspection systems that guarantee its presence and efficiency.
The value of anti-counterfeiting implies that this ophthalmic nozzle cannot be imited and the sleeve can be printed in different colors and customized with the customers’ logo, in order to emphasize the visual impact.

Combined Printing

The digital printing itself is not a guarantee of anti-counterfeiting, even if there are very few companies in the world that can use this technology on the aluminium tubes.

But Tubettificio Favia provides its customers with a worldwide unique system of digital printing that not only covers the whole tube, but also the cap, and can be integrated with traditional offset printing.

If you are interested in receiving more details on the anti-counterfeiting digital printing, write us at this address.

Counterfeiting – a problem not to be undervalued.

Counterfeiting in the Pharmaceutical sector

  • percentage of counterfeit drugs on the global market 7% 7%
  • percentage of counterfeit drugs in some areas of Africa and Asia 50% 50%
  • increase of fake medicines sequestrated in the European Union in 2006 compared to the previous year 385% 385%

Counterfeiting in Cosmetics

  • €4,7 billion a year in lost revenue in the European Union, i.e. equal to
  •  7.8% of total sales in EU-28
  • 50,000 potential job losses
  • 1.7 billion in tax revenue foregone

Sources: AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency)    –  OHMI (EU Agency)