Collapsible Aluminium Tubes – One Packaging for Many Applications

One Packaging for Many Applications

Collapsible aluminium tubes produced by Tubettificio Perfektüp are mainly used in the pharmaceutical, para-pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. But in more than 80 years of activity, they were also used by customers from industrial, chemical, do-it-yourself sectors.

Over the years, Tubettificio customers have personally experienced the pluses that the company offers: Attention for details, Flexibility, Innovative approach, Receptiveness.

Some useful information related to the company name change: Tubettificio M.Favia Srl has officially changed its name. We reiterate that there are no major administrative changes: the ATECO code, the VAT number, the address of the headquarters and all other references remain unchanged. Only the company name changes, so it can already appear on all invoices, orders and new contracts: "Tubettificio Perfektüp Srl." All existing contracts and agreements remain valid and will not need updating. However, our sales offices and administrative managers remain available for any further information. You can contact them directly (through the Contacts page) or send an e-mail to .
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