Aluminium Tubes for Drugs






Aluminiun tubes for pharmaceutical use require a particular process relating to production and quality control, that is even stricter and more rigorous compared to the tubes for other applications.

Tubettificio Favia is a leading company in the supply of aluminium tubes for pharmaceutical industry (more than 40% of the Italian pharmaceutical market). Its customers include some of the most important Italian and international pharmaceutical companies, which have found in Favia the ideal partner for the aluminium packaging of their products.

These are the main reasons why Favia is considered a supplier of excellence for the production of collapsible aluminium tubes for pharmaceutical use:

Management of Production Processes

Working on technological and organizational aspects, Favia company has developed a method which enables to manage the production of aluminium tubes so as to guarantee flexibility, quality and efficiency.

Experience in the Sector

Favia has over 80 years of experience in the production of aluminium tubes for the pharmaceutical industry. Over the years, the company managed to interpret the market changes and promptly adapt to the needs of an ever-changing world.

High Standards of Quality

A working method focused on the highest standards of quality ensures all the aspects specifically required for the production of primary pharmaceutical packaging. The Quality System of Tubettificio Favia has received different acknowledgements attesting its reliability and efficiency.


In-process controls and end-of-line checks ensure that specifications agreed with the customers are satisfied. The release of the batches is handled and traced by proper workflows.

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Suitability of Production Environments

Production environments and procedural rules ensure full compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices.

According to an internal protocol, periodic analyses are carried out on products and on the environment in order to keep the risk of contamination under control. Through a careful analysis of the risks, all the critical operations have been individuated and properly managed, from the cleaning at the beginning and at the end of the production line to the sampling under laminar flow cabinet.


On request, aluminium tubes can be supplied with a packaging suitable for their filling in sterile area. The packing specifications are agreed with the customer in order to optimize the transportation, the irradiation and the using phases. According to the needs, it is possible to:

– supply tubes already irradiated at the standard dose of 25kGray, thanks to agreements with a main Italian plant for irradiation;

– provide the assistance required to stipulate correct contracts and specifications defining the positions of the contracting parties.

Documentary Support

Tubettificio Favia can give you support in producing the certifications required by the pharmaceutical industry, by means of an innovative procedure which enables to check the status and progress of orders in real-time with a simple mouse-click.

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Innovative Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Packing

Soft Nozzle – An Award-Winning Solution

ophthalmic, pediatric and veterinary use. Thanks to this innovation, application of the product contained inside the tube is safer and more comfortable, even on particularly sensitive areas or people. The aluminium tube with soft nozzle was awarded with the prestigious Packaging Oscar 2015, assigned by the Italian Institute of Packaging.

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oscar imballaggio 2015

In the picture: the award ceremony. The award was received by Mr. Renato Favia, Managing Director of the Company.