Digital Printing on Aluminium Tube





Let the Aluminium Tube Be Ambassador of your Brand


Thanks to the implementation of this technology, there is a new way of conceiving the aluminium packaging today. It is more creative, it can be tailored to the different customers’ needs and it is an excellent method to enhance the brand awareness through a graphic design that communicates the product identity.

Digital printing on tube perfectly combines with different anti-counterfeiting strategies, protecting the copyright and the identity of international brands against a worrying phenomenon which undermines the end consumers’ safety by illegally using the corporate image.

A Creative Way of Conceiving Packaging


Digital printing on aluminium tube is a completely innovative process that Tubettificio Favia has recently introduced in the company.

An added value for your products, both for the marketing possibilities it offers, and as anti-counterfeiting method.

Digital Printing on Tube in 8 Points:

It is 100% innovative,


Printed tube perfectly matches the customer’s artwork,

It has a high color rendering,

It allows to customize the external surface with any kind of design, from the logo of the customer company to photographic reproduction,


It frees creativity and phantasy. Every design can be tailored to the collapsible tube,


It involves the whole tube, including the end cap,

It covers 70% of the range of aluminium tubes (from 15g to 40g);

It can be fully integrated with the offset printing processes,





A Partnership to the Advantage of Creativity

Tubettificio Favia relies on a prepress department inside the company. Expert professionals in industrial graphics and evolved printing techniques can directly interact with the creative departments of customer companies and establish a partnership relationship to explore different creative solutions and find the most suitable ones to efficiently convey the brand strength.

Prepress department is also available to create anti-counterfeiting strategies, where digital printing can play a strategic role.





Beyond digital printing – Find out the ToBeUnique method




Tubettificio Favia offers exclusively to its customers an innovative method of digital printing which differs from traditional system in two essential aspects:

  • it allows to extend the printing process to the whole tube, including the end cap;
  • it can be completely integrated with offset printing processes.

Discover the potential of ToBeUnique and open the way for new creative possibilities




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