Perfektüp Manufacturing Plant

Built in 1984 on an area of 15,000 sqm, the factory was enlarged and renewed in 2004, covering a surface of more than 8,100 sqm now.

7 production lines are active and fully automated, working 5 days a week on three work shifts, with an production capacity of more than 110 million tubes/year.

There is the possibility to increase the production capacity by intensively using the existing facilities and/or installing new facilities in the already arranged areas.

110 Milion aluminium tubes produced every year

Thanks to an establishment with 7 active production lines and an efficient work organization.


Italian pharmaceutical market


International pharmaceutical market

Environmental sustaintability

Using aluminium in the manufacturing of tubes implies many advantages in terms of hygiene, versatility of use and ease of recycling.

It is also for this reason that we have always believed in the quality and versatility of this kind of industrial packaging. But our commitment to the environment is not limited to the choice of materials, it also reflects its protection and energy saving, as by the installation of a new abatement system of the solvents originated in the production cycle and of a photovoltaic panels plant with significant energy saving.

Our social responsibility is also based on a strong commitment to engage in an effective eco-sustainable growth that really preserves the resources of the environment in which we work and we live.

Alluminium Tube

Protect your Products and the Environment

A Deep Connection with Territory

Tubettificio Favia actively contributes to the cultural initiatives in Milan and Lombardy which are focused on ecology, re-use of materials and environmental protection and can give the public, especially the young people, the possibility to better know realities and values of local companies.

The video shows a concrete example, i.e. the role of the company as sponsor to the exhibition “L’Alluminio si mette in mostra” (Aluminium is on Exhibition) at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.

Some useful information related to the company name change: Tubettificio M.Favia Srl has officially changed its name. We reiterate that there are no major administrative changes: the ATECO code, the VAT number, the address of the headquarters and all other references remain unchanged. Only the company name changes, so it can already appear on all invoices, orders and new contracts: "Tubettificio Perfektüp Srl." All existing contracts and agreements remain valid and will not need updating. However, our sales offices and administrative managers remain available for any further information. You can contact them directly (through the Contacts page) or send an e-mail to .
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