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Present on the market for more than 80 years, Tubettificio Favia has always renewed itself to meet its customers’ ever-changing needs.

Digital Printing on Tube

It is a unique method, exclusively for Favia customers. Through graphics and imagine reproduction, it allows to enhance the whole tube, including the cap. It can be fully integrated with offset printing and allows interesting applications also in terms of anti-counterfeiting.

Soft Nozzle

Awarded with the Packaging Oscar 2015 for Innovation in Technology.

An important innovation that is used in ophthalmic, pediatric, veterinary, but also cosmetic sectors, and secured Tubettificio Favia a prestigious award.



To combat the worrying phenomenon of counterfeiting , it is necessary to use anti-fraud packaging solutions that can avail themselves of modern technologies to protect the quality of the products and the legality. Solutions developed by Tubettificio Favia are flexible and can be applied for different types of uses.

From design to printing, Tubettificio Favia relies on the most modern technologies to provide high level results.

Production plants are equipped with up-to-date industrial machinery for the production of aluminium tubes. The dedicated and experienced staff follows accurate procedures in each phase that allow to trace production processes from design to controls of quality, in order to guarantee a product of excellence every time.


dinamico e flessibileInternal processes enable to meet very different needs, from the creation of small batches to fulfillment of big orders. Receptive and accustomed to work with important international brands, Favia professionals are able to support the excellent production with their consultancy, giving you advice on the most suitable solutions for your needs, from the choice of the product to the quality certifications, from the graphics to the anti-counterfeiting techniques.


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Favia Online Portal

Tubettificio Favia provides its customers with a digital tool that can facilitate communications, sales and administrative activities. It is an innovative method that allows to make processes faster and more efficient.

Through a simple login, the customer can access a reserved area which allows to:

  • check the status and progress of orders
  • download official documentation and quality certifications required under applicable law (For example, companies of the pharmaceutical and food sector)
  • have access to exclusive functions

Thanks to Favia Online, Sales, Quality Control, Planning, and Warehouse can, at any time,

  • check the status and progress of orders
  • organize production plans
  • control the goods delivered
  • consult and print the documents relating to the products sent and the materials used



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