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Favia Aluminium Tubes – Quality, Research, Innovation


Tubettificio Favia produces collapsible aluminium tubes for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and industrial sectors.

Following a long Italian tradition in the packaging industry, the company has been operating for years on an international scale. Customers are mainly companies operating in the Pharma and Cosmetic sectors, requiring high quality standards and excellent procedures.

Unlike other companies, Favia has chosen to be exclusively specialized in the production of collapsible aluminium tubes, by implementing important product innovations and exclusive services which enable interesting applications in terms of anti-counterfeiting and packaging customization.

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Production of Collapsible Aluminium Tubes: a method based on High Quality Standards

Efficient Structure
Favia staff has a solid experience in the production of collapsible aluminium tubes, and its methodical and flexible work management can meet different needs with the same care and quality.
Internal Quality System
Internal Quality System of Tubettificio Favia is based on the standards of ISO EN 9001:2008. It has been certified by DNV GL Business Assurance.


Regulatory and Administrative Support

Quality System can offer support to processing of regulatory documentation, providing the necessary certifications . Accompanying documents of each delivery are made electronically available through Favia Online Portal.

Only Approved Materials
Favia uses materials authorized by customers and compliant with stringent regulations that the company must adhere to.


Favia Products

Favia production is exclusively focused on aluminium tubes.

Collapsible aluminium tubes of Tubettificio Favia cover the entire range of dimensions from ø 13.5mm to ø 35mm (from 3 to 150gr).

  • Production of aluminium tubes 100% 100%
  • In-house manufacturing 100% 100%
  • Production destined for foreign market 60% 60%
  • Production destined for the Italian market 40% 40%
  • Made in Italy 100% 100%

Innovative Solutions in Aluminium Packaging

Partner in Excellence for your Product Packaging

International Company

Tubettificio Favia has been working for years with the most important international companies in the pharmaceutical, para-pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields. Over 60% of production is destined for the foreign market.

Favia Online Portal

Favia customers can use an innovative information tool that, by simply logging, enables to access a reserved area, where order status can be checked and pdf documents downloaded.

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Aluminium, a sustainable material

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