StealthCode®: the interactive packaging

More advantage for Favia customers

Tubettificio Favia offers its customers the possibility to apply the StealthCode® technology to the ToBeUnique tubes, an innovative solution that can transform a simple aluminum tube into a precious tool for company storytelling.

Thanks to StealthCode® tecnology you can combine packaging with interactive contents, usable through a simple smartphone app.

StealthCode®: what it is and how it works

A very thin texture, imperceptible to human eye, which is printed on the entire surface of the packaging, “hidden” within the design. But using a smartphone to scan the tube surface with the appropriate mobile app you’ll be immediately redirected to exclusive digital content about the product.

The difference in comparison to the QRCode

StealthCode® technology can remember the most famous QRCode; however, compared to the latter, it presents considerable advantages both for the company and for the final customer:

The QRCode…


It is visible and has an invasive graphic;


It is difficult to scan if printed in small sizes or onto uneven surfaces;


Its presence can influence the design;


On very small surfaces, it may require combining different printing methods (for example digital and offset) to guarantee legibility;


As visible, it can be counterfeited

The StealthCode®…


It is imperceptible to human sight;


It is printed everywhere onto packaging surface, so it can be scanned from any angle;


It does not limit the design or the prepress stage in any way;


It can be combined with any printing technique;


The code entered cannot be duplicated and the IT security systems prevent it from being read if they do not comply with the required standards. This discourages attempts to counterfeit, offering additional protection for the product.

A mobile app to access exclusive content

The StealthCode® mobile app is available for free on Apple and Google Play stores; it can be installed quickly on every smartphone and is very simple to use: just scan any part of the tube to be redirected to a website or to a landing page chosen by the company in order to promote and enhance the product.

Useful data for statistics and marketing

Every time a user scans the code, the mobile app sends information to the StealthCode® platform, which can store a lot of useful data:

– how many users have scanned the code;

– geo-location and geographical coverage;

– time spent on the digital content offered through the app.

A strategic partnership

The StealthCode® technology is based on Digimarc Barcode® technology and is distributed exclusively in Italy by the Beegraphic, a leader company in the services sector for the “Global Packaging Industry”. The collaboration with Favia allows the implementation of StealthCode® on ToBeUnique tubes, which in this way become … even more unique!

The request of the code (unique for each project and not duplicable) its activation and implementation during the prepress will be managed directly by Favia together with Beegraphic: Favia customers will have to worry only about choosing, in total freedom, the design that they consider it more congenial to enhance the product.

StealthCode®: some examples

With the use of StealthCode technology, the only limit is your imagination! Here are some concrete examples of possible uses, which we have selected for you.

Just scan the tube through the app to be sent back to…


a video recipe that enhances the characteristics of the food purchased;

a page or a video with beauty or makeup tips;


advices on the correct use of a drug or to lead a healthy and active life;

the page of a competition or an event;

a Facebook page or other social media page;

the home or internal page of a company website;

exclusive content in augmented reality.

Packaging a precious tool for storytelling

Storytelling is a communication strategy that allows the company to convey its uniqueness and its values ​​through a story, with an engaging and interactive involvement. More and more companies, internationally, have decided to rely on storytelling for their corporate communications, both SMEs and large multinational companies.

Thanks to StealthCode®, ToBeUnique tubes can become a valuable tool for business communication campaigns based on digital storytelling, allowing you to combine the packaging with exclusive digital content, which can be updated in real time at any time, without any modification of the printed code.

ToBeUnique: the exclusive digital printing method is even more unique

ToBeUnique is the exclusive digital printing method that involves both the aluminum tube and the plastic cap in a single printing process. A method unique in the world and exclusive of Tubettificio Favia, which thanks to its uniqueness is also decisive in terms of anti-counterfeiting.

Find out more on ToBeUnique website

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